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The ten artists to repent porn

Here are 10 that have been repentance porn stars from the world of pornography and pornography in action

1. Crissy Moran
Crissy Moran left the world of the porn industry in 2006, after repenting and wanting to return to a devout Christian believer. Cristina was previously known as a porn star who diligently and often appear naked in magazines like Hustler magazine. Cristina is leading a normal life and worked as assistant manager at a salon.

2. Bettie Page
Before famous Bettie Page began his career as a porn model, servitude and often sadomasokis times by photographer Irving kiawe. In 1959 he began to be adherents of a devout Christian after attending the Key West Baptist Temple Church.

3. Houston
Here is a porn star who could lift the world with their sex action with 620 men in the relay. but their conversion is still questioned by the entire universe. Imagine after a satisfied sex with 620 men at once and also sells her inner labia how repented suddenly for no apparent reason?

4. Sky Lopez
He experienced the boredom of everyday life that contain only a holiday, and free sex .. eventually became after he went to church.

5. Michelle Maren
There seems a lot of information circulating about him and how his story until he could get inspiration to repent of his title of a porn star.

6. Samantha Fox
Previously, Samantha Fox had become a famous Playboy model, but the orientation can inspiration where Samantha Fox finally leave the porn industry for being a devout follower of Christianity .

7. Linda Lovelace
Perhaps it belongs to one of the most famous porn stars of the century .. Initially entered the porn business, due to pressure from her ex-husband, who makes a movie that contains sex scenes with a dog beastality . and immediately after divorcing her husband and now he was converted and joined the anti-pornography activist. In his autobiography he says "when you see me play in a porn movie, we see that she was raped is a crime, and I feel there is a gun that was in my head every time, so I guess now I have to repent".

8. Sophia Lynn
He left the world of pornography in 2008 to continue his studies and, of course, to return to a devout Christian believers. after she retiring as a porn star, Sophia Lynn now works as a secretary for the church in the Dakotas and almost makes the whole congregation of men in the church wanted unpleasant.

9. Shelley Lubben
Formerly known as a porn actress, Shelley Luben life living as a prostitute, and finally got into the porn industry, after having undergone genital herpes decided to repent and leave the world of pornography and became a believer devout Christian. He also said "Stay away from the world of pornography, it will destroy you and your family and ultimately make you addicted"

10. Erica Campbell
Erica Campbell, a model of this beautiful big breasts began his career as a glamor model after winning the mystique of the magazine Model Safari in 2003. then start the body decorate her plump Playboy and then became Cyber ​​Girl of the Month in 2006 and Penthouse Pet in 2007. Erica finally received counseling after the porn industry to close his personal website. that her become a devout Christian believer.

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